The roots of Brakeley as fundraising consultants go back a hundred years. John Price Jones and George A Brakeley Sr was hired by Harvard University in 1919 to help run the first modern campaign among the alumni of that university.

In the 1980s, Brakeley established operations in Europe and started working with the first Nordic client in 1993. Today, Brakeley operates as independently owned local companies which share the same methodology and collaborate in many client projects. Since 2010, Brakeley Nordic has been organised as a limited Swedish company (Brakeley Nordic AB).

Brakeley Nordic operates primarily in the Nordic countries. We are part of two international networks of fundraising consultants: Mira Partnership (working primarily in Europe) and Brakeley Global (Americas, Europe and Asia).

Brakeley Nordic team

International consultants

Brakeley Global and Mira Partnership