Conner & Associates, Boston, USA

Anne Voboril Conner, based in Boston, Massachusetts has extensive experience fundraising for global initiatives. Her work focuses on research, analysis and benchmarking for US and international clients as well as setting up US fundraising for organizations headquartered outside the US. She has developed a web based research product designed to serve international clients with multinational projects. The research is designed to match the most appropriate foundation, corporate and high net worth individual donors to a project. The research can be multinational in scope or can be designed to serve international clients trying to focus on US foundation HNWI and corporate funding sources. Anne regularly arranges US meetings for and accompanies clients to meetings with potential funding sources, assists in preparing and presenting their case and works with the client’s US advisory groups.

Anne is currently working with the Global Leadership Foundation a UK based international foundation composed of 41 former Heads of Government and Senior Ministers who advise current Heads of Government on a discreet basis.

In addition to her global practice her work has included benchmarking to enable clients to compare their own input, output and throughput metrics with those of similar organizations in terms of budget staffing, clients served and fundraising.

Clients have included

  • Global Leadership Foundation Director of Development North America
  • Institut Pasteur, Paris conducting an environmental assessment of American and European fundraising markets
  • Project Concern International, a global NGO with the overall objective of preventing disease, improving community health and promoting sustainable development worldwide.
  • The North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization and the SALSEA Project, a UK based multinational scientific research initiative focused on the preservation of the North Atlantic salmon
  • The International Lunar Observatory, a Hawaii based organization attempting to raise 420 million to build a new lunar observatory
  • Institut de Radioastronmie Millimetrique IRAM and international research institute for Radio Astronomy, Its overall objective is to explore the universe and to study its origins and evolution
  • New College University of Oxford, Associate Director of Development US
  • The University of Edinburgh, Coordinator of Special Projects for the North American Office
  • The Max Planck Society an international research institute that does work in the natural sciences, life sciences and humanities