Elisabet Jansson Strömberg

Senior Associate Consultant

Elisabet Jansson Strömberg joined Brakeley as Senior Associate Consultant in 2016. She has worked professionally with fundraising in the non-profit field since 2003.

Between 2003-2013, Elisabet J Strömberg worked as Communication and Fundraising Director at the Swedish Sea Rescue Society. She helped define the brand strategy, implemented it throughout the organization and worked internally and externally with communication.  Aligned with the brand strategy Elisabet also set up the fundraising operation and led many campaigns over the years, as well as the donor relationship program which focuses on long term relationship and dialog with members and donors.

The brand strategy takes off in the core mission and storytelling has been the tool for bringing the brand to life, and a communicative resource that gives a genuine tone that affect the recipients. Stories with more heart than muscle, which has been very successful overall, and specially in raising awareness, action and funds. Four times as many members, 100 000 individuals, support the society annually out of them 30 000 donates regularly and as many as five- seven major donors per year contribute each with 1MSEK up to 20 MSEK. Annually the society raise 200 MSEK.

During the development of the Rescue Society Elisabet came to manage an extensive change program as the communication and fundraising work progressed. A strategic step in the organizations expansion where operations, set-up as well as development evolved as a consequence of the larger economy and elevation in raised funds. Communication wise this involved not only the headquarter, but also all the local rescue stations with more than 2000 volunteers as well as the 20-man strong and renowned executive board.

Between 2013- 2016 Elisabet managed a field organization within the travel & tourism sector, with focus on brand strategy and change of operations. The takings for the operations and projects were raised from the associated members in a fundraising manner. But also through strategic partnership with companies, and through complex applications to foundations and governmental grants.

As Consultant with Brakeley Elisabet has worked with clients such as IM Individuell Människohjälp (Sweden) and UNICEF (Norway).

Elisabet and her family lives on the island Tjörn, outside of Gothenburg. Before she joined the Rescue Society Elisabet has been working with brand PR, information, investor relation, project management and business development. Elisabet has a Master in Economics and an EMBA from Gothenburg School of Business Economics. She has held different positions at the headquarters of the listed consultancy company Semcon, as well as at Saab Automobil. Elisabet is/has been Board Member in different boards such as: associations, foundations, limited companies (AB), and non-profit organizations.