We organise various activities for clients and other interested parties for inspiration and sharing of best practices.

Upcoming events

Major Gifts Fundraising Training, 8-9 november in Stockholm
Our next open training in major gifts fundraising will take place in Stockholm. Klick on the link above to read more about it.

Previous events

The role of Philanthropy at Nordic Universities – international seminar in Copenhagen, 10 april. 
On the 10th of April a seminar including a panel discussion was held in Copenhagen covering the role philanthropy and fundraising within the university sector in the Nordic countries. Participants were from the Scandinavian countries consisting of senior managers and fundraisers at universities, board representatives from foundations as well as senior managers and board representatives from the culture sector. Guest speakers were Kerstin Tham (rector Malmö University), Marianne Stenius (former rector Hanken School of Economics and former chair Åbo Akademi University), Lennart Nilsson (CEO of the Crafoord Foundation), Henrik Mahncke (head of analysis Realdania), Bjørn O. Øiulfstad (general manager for the Association of Norwegian foundations).

International seminar about philanthropy and fundraising for Arts and Culture, 15 March
Brakeley Nordic held a seminar including a panel discussion in Stockholm on 15 March on philanthropy and fundraising for arts and culture at Kungliga Myntkabinettet in Stockholm. Guest speakers were Lucy Blythe (consultant in the Mira Partnership network and managing director at Philia International), Staffan Scheja (pro vice-chancellor at Royal College of Music), Nina Beckmann (director at the contemporary art museum Grafikens Hus) and Maria Jansén (director general of Statens Historiska Museer).

Major gifts fundraising training, 13-14 March
Our seventh training and seminar about major gifts fundraising was held at 13-14 March in Stockholm. Participants from Finland, Sweden and Denmark from both the university, culture sector and charities participated. Guest speaker was Harriet Wallberg (former vice chancellor at Karolinska Institutet).

Round table session and After Work mingle. A round table session was held at Grillska huset in Stockholm in November 2017. It was a follow-up meeting in Stockholm for previous course participants. Theme this time was major gifts within the NGO/Charity sector and a benchmarking analysis that Brakeley recently carried through. After the round table session followed a mingle with guest speaker Marika Hjelm Siegwald, Head of Communications and Fundraising at Stockholms Stadsmission.

Major gifts fundraising training, 9-10 November 
In November 2017, we organized our sixth seminar and training in philanthropy and major gifts fundraising. The event was held in Stockholm with participants from the civic sector, universities as well as the culture sector in Finland, Denmark and Sweden. Speakers were Josefin Victorin (Relationship Management at Doctors Without Borders), Carl von Essen (Save the Children and former secretary-general of Mind) and Harriet Wallberg (former Vice Chancellor at Karolinska Institutet).

Study trip to Basel, September 2017
This year Mira Partnership’s study trip took place in beautiful Basel in Switzerland with Peter Buss at NonproCons AG as host. During the two days spent at Museum Klingenthal and Kunsthaus Baselland, discussions and insights were shared on how philanthropy and fundraising have evolved in different sectors in Switzerland and internationally. Guest speakers were Dr Marcus Shaad (Managing Director of the UZH Foundation in Zurich), Ben Paine (Head of leadership giving of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva), Vincent White (Director of Product Management at Wealth-X in London), Fatiah Bürkner (Managing Director of the Max Kohler Foundation in Zurich), Michael Arnold (Head of Sponsoring and Fundraising of the Foundation Beveler in Basel) and Goran Radin (Economist and bank expert). The study trip, this year arranged for the third time by Mira Partnership, is a way to get fundraisers from different sectors and from all over Europe to meet, mingle and share experiences.

Round table session. Topic: Role of leadership in fundraising, May 2017
Special guest was Harriet Wallberg, former Vice Chancellor at Karolinska Institutet 2004-2012, who also lead their first fundraising campaign Breakthroughs for Life. Some topics that were discussed was what role the MD/rector or Secretary General should take in a fundraising process, how the management team can best support the MD/rector in their work and in what ways the fundraising team can best economize the MD’s time.

Seminar about international fundraising, May 2017
Today some Nordic universities and other organisations work actively with international fundraising. This provides new opportunities but also challenges for an organisation to succeed. Brakeley organized a seminar at IVA on the 22 of May to take a closer look at these questions – with a particular focus on international fundraising in the US. Speakers were Marinne Briscoe, President and Managing Director of Brakeley Briscoe Inc in San Fransisco, USA, Harriet Wallberg, former Vice Chancellor at Karolinska Institutet and Mikael Horal, previously at the Development Office at Karolinska Institute and Charlotte Rydh, Secretary General at FRII. After the seminar followed an informal mingle with Katarina Mellström, Senior Director Development Office at IVA as guest speaker.

Seminar about foundations, April 2017
In April we had a seminar together with Göran Hessling, former Vice-chancellor’s adviser at Linköping University, where we looked into legal issues you come across in relation to foundations and fundraising. After the seminar there was a mingle at Bonniers Konsthall where Thérèse Nyhlén, Sponsorship and Business developer at Bonniers Konsthall was guest speaker.

Seminar and training, March 2017
In March 2017, we organized at seminar and training in philanthropy and major gifts fundraising. The event was held in Helsinki, Finland for the first time and brought together professionals from universities and the civic sector in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Speaker was Teppo Heiskanen, Director of Advancement and Corporate Engagement at Aalto University.

Round table, Februari 2017
Follow-up meeting in Stockholm for previous course participants.

Seminar and training, December 2016 – Major gifts
Brakeley organized another Seminar and training in major gifts fundraising, this time at Chalmersska Huset in Gothenburg. Guest speaker was Håkan Simonsen, Fundraising Director at Chalmers.

Study trip to Stockholm, September 2016
In September 2016, the second study trip arranged by Mira partnership in Europe and Saudi Arabia was held in Stockholm with Brakeley Nordic as host. The program had a special focus on the university sector, but with insights also in how other sectors work with fundraising and consisted of presentations and group discussions with participants from universities, the civil sector as well as arts and culture organisations. Speakers were Harriet Wallberg (former University Chancellor and President of Karolinska Institutet), Philip von Segebaden (Director Development Officer at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Emma Jones (Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Charlotte Rydh (Director General at FRII, Swedish Fundraising Association), Thomas Fredengren (Head of Office External Relations and the Academy Steward at Uppsala University), Inger Stern (Senior Consultant at Brakeley and former Fundraising Director at Linköping University), Bo Dankis (Former Chair of the Campaign Committee at Linköpings University) and Elisabet Jansson Strömberg (Senior Associate Consultant at Brakeley Nordic and former Head of Fundraising and Communication at Swedish Sea Rescue Society). The two days were spread over several venues: The Kungliga Biblioteket (Royal Library), Konstnärshuset, restaurant KB and the Dome of vision at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology).

Seminar and training, April 2016 – Major gifts
21-22 April in Stockholm.

Study trip to Oxford and London, September 2015
In september, we organised an international study trip along with Brakeley offices and associated partners from around Europe. The program consisted of panel discussions, workshops and best practices, and brought together professionals from universities, arts and cultural organizations, and the civic sector. Among the speakers were William Conner (Director of Development, University of Oxford/Wolfson College and Ashridge Business School, former Head of fundraising, San Francisco Opera), Liesl Elder, Director of Development, University of Oxford, John Rux-Burton (Managing Director, Rux Burton Associates), Maija Ludbarza (Consultant, Funderful), Nicolas Boulan (Brakeley 6 Associés, Paris), Dr. Konstantin Reetz (Brakeley GmbH, Munich), Martin Kaufman (former Director of Development, Museum of London), Chris Martin (Director of Development, English National Opera) and Alyssa Bonic (Head of Corporate Development, English National Ballet.)

Seminar and training, May 2015
In may 2015, we organised a seminar on major gifts fundraising with an emphasis on higher education, and The Knowledge Foundation’s matching gift program with the corporate sector. The event was held at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences and brought together professionals and leaders from the educational sector who are involved in research fundraising and major gifts fundraising. Among the speakers were Karin Henriksson Larsén and Karin Ulfsdotter Crépin, Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences and Olof Hugander, The Knowledge Foundation.

Seminar and training, March 2015
In march 2015, we organized at seminar and training in philanthropy and major gifts fundraising. The event was held at the Royal library in Stockholm and brought together professionals from universities, arts and cultural organizations, and the civic sector. Among the speakers were William Conner (Director of Development, University of Oxford/Wolfson College and Ashridge Business School, former Head of fundraising, San Francisco Opera), Stina Westerberg (Director General, Swedish Performing Arts Agency), Inger Stern (Head of fundraising, University of Linköping), Göran Felldin (former Director of external relations, University of Linköping) and Kristina Sparreljung (Secretary General, Hjärt-Lungfonden)

Seminar November 2013
In November 2013, we organised a seminar on philantropy and major gift fundraising at the Royal library in Stockholm. We brought together fundraisers from universities, arts and cultural organisations, and the voluntary sector to better understand the similarities and differences between the sectors. Among the speakers were Martin Kaufman (former Director of Development, Museum of London), Rolf Westerström (CEO Swedish Sea Rescue Society), and Philip von Segebaden (Director of Development, KTH. This seminar was organised together with Kultur & Näringsliv and FRII.

Webinar: fundraising in USA
In March 2014, Mira Partnership organised a webinar focusing on how European organisations can raise funds in USA. Two senior fundraising consultants based in New York and London with in-depth experience in US fundraising outreach gave an introduction to fundraising in the United States: What are the opportunities, what works and what does not, how to get on the radar of US donors, how to get started, how to avoid pitfalls, and how to meet the expectations of US donors.

Study trip to University of Cambridge
In March 2012, we organised a study trip to Cambridge. Ten participants from universities in Sweden and Finland joined us to look at how the colleges at University of Cambridge work with alumni telephone fundraising campaigns. This study trip was organised together with our partner firm Rux Burton Associates.

Alumni Relations benchmarking study
In 2012, we conducted a benchmarking study of the alumni programs of 18 higher education institutions in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. The purpose of the study was to learn from each other by increasing the understanding how various institutions work with alumni relations.

Workshop for Finnish voluntary sector
In September 2012, we conducted a workshop on major gift fundraising for the members of VaLa ry (the Finnish Fundraising Association) in Helsinki.


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