Brakeley Nordic operates primarily in the Nordic countries. We are part of two international networks of fundraising consultants: Mira Partnership (working primarily in Europe) and Brakeley Global (Americas, Europe and Asia).

Brakeley Global firms

  • Brakeley Asia (Hong Kong)
  • Brakeley Associés (France)
  • Brakeley Briscoe Inc (USA)
  • Brakeley GmbH (Germany)
  • Brakeley Nordic (Sweden)
  • Centro de Management Social (Argentina)
  • Doum & Nanum (Korea)

Mira Partnership firms

  • Brakeley Associés (France)
  • Brakeley GmbH (Germany)
  • Brakeley Nordic (Sweden)
  • Call to Action (Portugal)
  • Conner and associates (UK / USA)
  • Mira Kelly Ltd (UK)
  • NonproCons (Switzerland)
  • O’Hara Management Consultants (Singapore)
  • Philia International (London)
  • Purplegrass Consulting (Ireland)
  • WAFI International LLC. (Riyadh)