Managing Director, Mira Kelly LtdLondon, UK

Jan has been a management consultant and interim manager for over 20 years, working in a broad range of industries and across multiple European countries including UK, Poland, France, The Netherlands and Lithuania.

He jointed Mira Kelly in 2014 and became Managing Director in February 2016.  He has recently worked on major fundraising projects at the University of Glasgow and University of Kent, and offered advice to several Polish universities as well as clients in the Middle East. In 2015 he held an interim post for 4 months as interim fundraising manager at Aalto University of Science and Technology in Finland focussed on corporate fundraising activities. He is currently advising the Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan on its capital fundraising plans.

One of his current projects is coaching of the team at Tamezin Media Trust, an education charity for young women which provides work experience and training through media related activities.  He is marketing director for the charity and for the magazine it publishes, raising funds for the charity and also provides general management advice. He is also working with Target Your Potential, a social enterprise in Kent which helps vulnerable people into work with the development of its regional and national growth strategies.

He has presented numerous investment proposals to financial and strategic investors in state and private sectors whilst working for management consultancies, corporate finance advisory and financial advisory firms.  While working for a financial advisor for the energy sector, Power Capital Ltd (FCA registered) he raised funds for renewable projects and wind farms. He also scouted for investment leads for Bancroft Group, a 100m$ private equity firm investing in Central Europe.

As a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group and Monitor Company Jan prepared business strategies for large multinationals in the finance, beverage, distribution and pharmaceutical sectors as well as start-ups in healthcare and new technologies. As a project manager at BMF (a corporate finance advisory boutique) and MD of Societe Generale’s corporate finance subsidiary in Poland Jan created restructuring programmes for businesses requiring urgent organisational and financial restructuring, resulting in improved business performance and discussions with potential investors. Investors typically included strategic investors as well as banks, investment funds and private equity firms. He has worked and lived in Poland for over 10 years since 1991 and still visits Warsaw many times per year.

Jan has worked at senior management and CEO level in small and mid-sized businesses. As Business Development Director of Haier Telecom Ltd he developed new business relationships with and sold selling mobile devices to European telecoms operators.  As an interim practice manager Jan was placed in charge of reorganising a busy GP practice in London during a period of serious organisational instability. As interim CEO of a troubled furniture supplier with 1,000+ employees he was given 500k$ by IKEA to implement restructuring. He has also been an entrepreneur in the international money transfer market.